Would You Pay $18,000 For a Daughter?

A woman who was so desperate to have a baby girl, resorted to gender selection to get the little girl she so desperately wanted.

The story of Megan Simpson (told by Slate.com), is not very uncommon but it is still a very controversial topic.

Simpson was ‘surprised to have a boy’ after her first pregnancy. Two years later she got another boy, making her even more desperate for the girl she really wanted. She resorted to a $800 procedure that was supposed to help her finally get a girl.

But it wasn’t a girl she got, it was another boy.

Simpson and her husband were talking about aborting this baby boy, but they decided to continue with the pregnancy anyway. After the birth of her third son, she went on a search and found an online community of women who were in the same position as her. Through that, she found a gender selection procedure which averages about $18,000.

The first attempt of the gender selection process, was unsuccessful. Another $15,000 and some time later, she managed to finally get the girl she wanted. Simpson had to ‘work six days a week right up until the delivery and months afterward to repay the loan she took’.

Simpson also says: “My husband and I stared at our daughter for that first year. She was worth every cent. Better than a new car, or a kitchen reno.”

This article completely shocked me. The fact that Simpson and her husband were even thinking of aborting their third son is something that I can’t wrap my head around. What happened to having babies and being more concerned for their health and well-being, rather than their gender?

This desperation for a girl is a huge contrast to the preference for boys in countries such as China and India, where many girls are aborted or left abandoned because they’re unwanted (for cultural reasons).

In the West, the idea of wanting a girl is much more superficial. It’s to do with many mothers’ experiences with their own mother. Also, many mothers aspire to do stereotypical things with their daughters that they normally couldn’t do with boys (play with dolls, go girly clothes shopping, play dress up etc).

I find it appalling that gender selection is allowed in some parts of the world. This opens the door to many other types of selection and results in the creation of ‘designer babies‘. We need to leave nature alone, especially if it’s for superficial reasons!

If money wasn’t a factor and you didn’t get a baby of the gender you wanted, would you opt for gender selection? Let me know what you think! 

One response to “Would You Pay $18,000 For a Daughter?

  1. Despite how desperate I wanted a child of a certain gender there are some things such as “gender selection” that should just be left up to nature. But if I was desperate enough for a baby with a certain gender then I’d strongly consider adoption.

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