October BirchBox

So, I got my 1st Birch Box delivered on Saturday(before Hurricane Sandy made her mark)…  Let me tell you how impressed I was about this box♥…

My box came wrapped up in the really cute paper, and a card describing everything in my box for the month.

I got a Juicy Couture ‘Viva la Juicy La Fleur perfume’, Kerastase ‘Chroma Sensitive cleanser’, Mox Botanicals ‘Pomegranate and Fig Lip Butter’, theBalm Cosmetics ‘Mary-Lou Manizer Highlight in honey’, and a twistband ‘Hair tie, and a tili ‘travel bag’
I loved everything in my box but the twistband :-(… I used the twitstband when my hair was wet, when I was doing my twist out… It did not hold my hair at all

I have used everything in the box but the Kerastase Chroma Sensitive… (But when I do, I will let you guys know…)

So the details, on the box… This is a monthly service, and the box is $10 a month. Whenever you get a box, you will receive 10 points… Once you get a box, you can rate the items in your box, and you get points for that as well. Once you get 100 points, its equivalent to $10, to use in the BirchBox shop. Which you can use for products that you sampled from your box for that month,  or something that you see, and want to try out in the shop… All the products that you get in your monthly box, you can get them shipped for free, too. The true product junkie in me is going to go broke. I’m just going to tell myself that these are going to be Christmas gifts for people, and not for me… (Who am I kidding? LOL!!!)

I know that I am super excited for my next BirchBox. Let me clean out my makeup box, and make room for next month :-)…

If you get a BirchBox, please share what you got in yours,or even if you tried any of these products out…

Until next time, ladies♥…

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