New Year’s Resolution #1- Open yourself up to love!

In order to find or keep love, you have to open yourself up to love! In the new year, you can’t keep doing the same thing you’ve done this year. This is the time to make over your love life! 2012 is almost a thing of the past. It was a classroom of knowledge, the ultimate lesson plan, and the best teacher. Your experiences of 2012, is priceless for your growth leading into 2013.
You can’t keep doing the same thing looking for different results. It was once said that that’s called “insanity”. I couldn’t agree more. You can’t keep talking and doing the same things, uttering the same words. Now is the time to be the best you in all areas, especially love.

If you want love in your life then you have to be loving. It’s that simple, initially. You will not attract anyone if you are always “mean muggin’”. You attract what you are. Love comes from within and works its way outwardly. Show love and you will get love. Open yourself up to receive love. It’s the best feeling in the world to allow yourself to be loved! You deserve it! Once you allow yourself to be loved on, kissed on, touched on (in a platonic way), it is the best feeling ever. That human connection is powerful! You must open yourself up to experience the real thing.

I get that some people have been hurt emotionally and physically in the past, love may not be the easiest thing to accept. However, this year you must try. You have to try to give that gift to yourself. We as women sometimes have a shield of armour that shuns all the potential love that could be coming our way. It’s unfair to you not to give and receive what God has so freely given to us. You are doing yourself a disservice not to experience something that is FREE. Love is FREE, it doesn’t cost a penny when it’s in its purest form.

Open yourself up to love! Allow yourself to love yourself first and then the rest will follow! No one will follow if it doesn’t first start with you. Self love ladies, will make you gorgeous and irresistible! Watch…. You’ll see!! That man you want in your life will flock to you like a fly to sticky paper. Forget all your hang ups, your past experiences good and bad. Let it all go and start fresh, with a clean slate!! You owe it to YOU to get the best out of 2013 and beyond. Set and keep the goal to open yourself up to LOVE!! It will rock your world! Please believe me! :-)

“Remember you are a “STARR” so don’t let anyone dim your shine.” K. Lenice


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5 responses to “New Year’s Resolution #1- Open yourself up to love!

  1. I like this article, you make very good points. Whilst love isn’t something i’m after I completely agree that self love first is key and will lead to better thing drawing to you. I also like that you pointed out that you can not yield different results by committing the same old behaviours, that is something I’m implementing into other areas of my life.
    Nice article Kendell

    P.S I can’t believe I was oblivious to you guys being on wordpress *covers eyes* I’m glad I found you though.

    Would you at all be able to read my latest posting Lilah I would really appreciate you ladies feedback.

    Facebook and transitioning fan

    Rochelle UK

    • Yup we are here! :-) Thank you so much!! I appreciate the support and comment! Please continue to check us out!! Be blessed!! :-)

      Kendell 📝

      💡Remember… “You are a “STARR” so don’t let anyone dim your shine!”

      Sent from my iPhone

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    • Thank you for support! Be blessed! My entries post every Sunday! :)

      Kendell 📝

      💡Remember… “You are a “STARR” so don’t let anyone dim your shine!”

      Sent from my iPhone

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