Natural Hair: Expectations vs Reality.

Before starting my healthy hair journey, I watched many YouTubers who inspired me to ditch my bad hair care practices, (infrequent DCing, combing without conditioner, leaving extensions in for too long, etc) for much healthier hair care practices.

I thought, ‘if I follow everything that Kimmaytube or Naptural85 are doing, I can grow very long hair too!’.


Kimmaytube’s amazing hair growth progress.

Boy was I wrong.

I went into my hair journey expecting an easy ride because I had all of these tips from bloggers and YouTubers. I followed many of these tips to the T, only to be left with an empty wallet, unwanted/unused hair products and a frustrated mind; what was going on with my hair?!

My expectations differed drastically from the results I was actually getting.

To make matters worse, I was also diagnosed with scalp seborrheic dermatitis that I am still profusely trying to fight. With a hurt self-esteem and wondering what I could do to nurture my hair and focus on self-healing, I had to step away from YouTube and blogs. I had to learn that what everyone else was getting; the product results, the growth and the styles, was going to be different from what I was going to get.

I’ve also encountered many women (just like me) on online hair boards who have had many expectations about their hair or hair journey. The expectation that stood out to me the most was the expectation for a certain hair type. This wasn’t even surprising to me since many black women haven’t seen their own natural hair texture since childhood.

I couldn’t relate to these women in regards to hair texture expectations  but I could relate to them because I too had a certain expectation of my hair and hair journey. I genuinely believed my hair journey was going to be as easy and as successful as many YouTubers, bloggers and even everyday people’s hair journey!

The disclaimer that many bloggers and YouTubers use, ‘what may work for me, may not work for you’, is a fair, yet very truthful disclaimer. However, people will always have some sort of expectation when it comes to their hair care, especially if a particular product, regimen or technique has been proven to work for many people!

When you began your hair journey, did you have a certain expectation?

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5 responses to “Natural Hair: Expectations vs Reality.

  1. Yup! You’re so right :) I still expect a lot but I already have such a handful to work with in learning how to get along with my hair… After I got over the illusions I started enjoying the mystery of my hair – and looking for shortcuts around it Lol x

  2. From a girl who’s just started the journey.
    I still have and love my weave but on the days when it comes off, my afro is presentable but I want it to look softer, be more manageable and not hurt as much when I comb it. Perhaps it is because my expectations of what an afro would be like that has prevented me from actually going for it; but I am still exploring, what’s so great about natural hair and why does it take so long to be how you wish it would be?
    Nice post by the way ;-)
    From a girl who’s considering the natural/afro journey
    AfroWeave Girl
    Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @AfroWeaveGirl

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