Taking A Look Back…

We are literally walking into 2013 & before we take that final step let’s chat about our natural hair journeys.  This year makes my journey 7 years old & I must say starting this blog has truly opened my eyes to all the things that I’ve been missing!

I was so unattached to the ridiculously large sister circle the natural hair community is & the wonderful conversations that are sparked between two people over hair. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I use to stalk Curly Nikki & Afrobella faithfully for the current news in natural hair but I never got involved in the conversation. Just silently thought of answers to questions, helpful advice or a funny story of my own. But this diary…

…this diary has really broaden my horizons! I never would have imagined that as I close out 2012 that this idea to create a space where I share my hair journey would turn into such a wonderful platform for women to come & share their hopes & dreams….and maybe even a secret or two :)

But I must say the best part of this journey is the group of ladies that help make it all happen from our website, to our Facebook Fan Page to the meet-up group & beyond! My team has made bonds with you all & I enjoy reading their next entry just as much as you do ♥

I hope you will continue to visit us here throughout the new year as we share our secrets with you & maybe you will even share some with us too!


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One response to “Taking A Look Back…

  1. All the girls from the natural community who has posted tutorials are all my inspiration. Can’t give credit to just one person because they’ve all helped me a lot. Because of them I’ve learned a lot about my natural hiar and how to care for it.

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