DOUBLE DUTY – The Beauty Products that Will Work Overtime for You!

Shopping for me is never about swiping my credit card a million times as I venture from store to store or walking to my car balancing several bags with items I won’t be able to locate three months later. It’s about getting the best value from each purchase. Perusing the clothing racks at my favorite stores is exhilarating but knowing that the cute black dress I bought last week looks nice worn at work or church gives me the greatest satisfaction. I make my money work overtime for me – and acquiring beauty products is no different. I scour the Internet, cosmetic stores, and other beauty venues searching for products that can provide double duty for my clients and I. I’m conscious of seasonal beauty trends and fads but rarely do I shop with those in mind. I bet there are makeup products you’ve been eying lately but are not quite sure if they’re worth your pretty penny. Find out the four beauty items that can and will provide double duty whenever you need them.

1. The Glue that Holds Us Together — Somewhere Patti Labelle is thanking the eyelash goddesses for DUO Eyelash Adhesive and I am, too. DUO saves the day when I’m on video shoot sets and if I need extra glamour at industry events. (I’ve been known to keep a tube in my car when my falsies get a tad rebellious.) It fastens and keeps false lashes to your natural lashes quickly and efficiently but it goes a step further for those glamour girls who love a little glitter in their lives. Place a small amount of DUO on your eyelids before you apply your favorite glitter shade; you’ll be amazed at how long your eye look stays in place. ($6.49,

2. Add a Little Bubble Gum to Your Beauty — MAC’s eye shadow, Da Bling, takes any eye shadow look from good to great. It’s every woman’s favorite shade of pink: pretty, bright, and recognizable. Whether placed on your eyelid, at your brow bone, or in your inner tear duct, Da Bling is guaranteed to be a major talking point with in future beauty discussions. But if you’re on the go and need a great blush color in a hurry, it also adds softness and femininity to your cheek area. ($15,

3. A Bronzed Goddess Can Go Anywhere — All hail to the Queen – Queen Latifah, that is. She not only is a talented rapper, actress, and singer, she is also the face of CoverGirl’s Queen Collection. One of the best products representing the line is the Natural Hue Bronzer. You love it for the depth it creates on your cheeks, but take it a step further at your temples, under your chin, and on your eyelids to create a soft contour which transitions well from day to-night. You’ll be impressed with the drama you will create everywhere you go. ($8.99,

4. The Universal Beauty Treatment – Unilever’s Vaseline is no longer your Mom’s old-school remedy for curing ashy knees and elbows; it’s one of the most trusted and recommended beauty products among top beauty experts and makeup artists. This beauty staple is also used by runway makeup artists to add sheen on models’ cheekbones and eyelids and is a great makeup remover. ($3.24,

There is immense value in the beauty items you admire and love. While the government may or may not be taking us over the fiscal cliff, now is the time to take a closer look at the makeup products you buy and get the most for your buck. Share with me your favorite beauty products and how you use them at  I would love to hear from you. And feel free to contact me to inquire about makeup consultations and applications at  Be sure to check out the other fascinating posts and topics on The Diary!

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