Girl’s Best Friend: Ash.A Boutique Feature

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December 29, 2012

I’m pretty excited about this interview even though it slightly makes me seem like a social network stalker…let me explain!!! When I was still transitioning I spent A LOT of time on Tumblr (which I never could get the hang of) and YouTube.  I stumbled across and my first thoughts  of the page’s creator were; A) she ji hood (ji is DC talk for kind of), B) she’s crazy fly  but different and C) HER HAIR was my fro motivation. Even though there wasn’t a lot of things about her hair on Tumblr, I followed Icey on Twitter (@BeatAssIcey).  Through her Twitter and later her Instagram, I saw this beast a$$ neck piece she was wearing…I LOVED IT and I needed it!!! Then I saw ANOTHER piece that I loved and needed and since my birthday was comin up I was pretty sure Jesus wanted me to have them both. Even though her website wasn’t up and running Icey (who’s name is actually Ashley…which is also my bestest friends name…which I took also as a sign that I should get both pieces) agreed to make both pieces. I absolutely ADORE her work and respect her hustle; with all that being said, let’s get into this interview……


Who is Icey? Who is Ashley? Which has more influence on the creativeness of the line?

Icey is the party girl lol … she’s the flamboyant one. I actually got that nickname from rapping ; which was my first love … I love music. I’ve always been very creative and talented in something!  Ashley is just me…. plan ol’ me! Laid back., reserved…really cool chic. I think Icey has more of the influence on the creativeness of Ash.A because she’s more of a free-thinker.

With there being so many jewelry/accessory lines popping up, what makes Ash.A different?

Ash.A is different because most of my pieces are unisex. It takes a certain type of guy to rock it but most of them can definitely be worn by men. Not only that, Ash.A is also 100% handcrafted. It’s not put a charm on a chain kind of jewelry its wearable art.


How long have you been making jewelry?

I started making jewelry in 2007 but it was only for myself. I like standing out …. wearing whatever is NOT in trend so I started making jewelry for myself .. just for fun

What is your creation process?

Oh Gosh …. um … it’s so much to it !! I can tell you this; I first dream it then I sketch it out … although I can’t draw to save my life lol. After that, I make the piece.

When designing, is there a particular type of woman you’re creating for/ do you have a target audience?

I’m sure it’s a certain type of person who would understand and appreciate my designs … and I’m sure they would probably be full of confidence and fashion forward. But My pieces are for whoever could pull them off… They are bold oversize pieces .

What are your immediate and long-term goals for Ash.A?

Right now I’m really just focusing on the marketing and business part of Ash.A . I have a fantastic line that I know will do well. Currently I’m making connections with people from every where; trying to get everyone familiar with Ash.A, I want Ash.A to be a household name :))   My long-term goal would be opening a few Ash.A boutiques in major cities; that would be fabulous!


Music is a big part of who I am so, who are you currently listening to?

So funny because I just spoke about music … music is everything! Music is how I remember certain situations in my life by what I was listening to in that time period.  Currently I’m listening to Riri (Rihanna), Frank Ocean, Kendrick, Miguel and many more.

I absolutely love your hair; does she have a name?

Thank you!!!!! No lol she doesn’t have a name *finger to chin* now that you asked … I must give her a name ….

How long have you been natural and why did you decide to go natural?

I’ve been natural for 3 years. I was really just was over all the hair styles, I did them all! I have very thick hair, even when permed, so I wanted to know what my hair would look like in its natural state.

Did you big chop or transition? If you transitioned, how long?

I did the big chop! I had to do it!!! I couldn’t hold on to those stringy ends… they had to go! lol


What does your wash look like; what products do you love/use?

Right now I’m using Shea Moisture. I’m very simple with my products. When I first did the BC I was a product junkie … that died fast ..too costly!!

Is there anything people should be looking out for from you?

Ash.A spring line will be coming out soon, so keep a look out for that.  I’m IN LOVE with the new collection!!!

Anything you wanna say to the people that I didnt ask?

Also follow Ash.A on

Instagram: ash_a_boutique

Tumblr: word2myafro


yuup thats me in the bathroom but I was too apologies

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