How I Care For My Color Treated Natural Hair

Hi Guys!

Since last summer I have been obsessed with coloring my hair thanks to Michele, who at the time was rocking a FAB blonde hue, and often I get questions about the upkeep. I’ll be the first to tell you that being a blonde is definitely fun but it can be damaging if you do not take care of it properly after you colorist has werked you out. Here are some things that I encounter after I have my hair color treated:

  • Dryness
  • Looser curl pattern

I never have experienced breakage from my color treatments but because you are dealing with bleach in some cases this is a possibility especially if you are dealing with an unexperienced colorist/stylist.

Now let’s get into the maintenance side of the house…

Here are the products that I use immediately following a color appointment:


I’ve been using Eden BodyWorks & Palmers Coconut Oil Protein pack at least twice a month to get my hair in order. Let me tell you that this combination works best for me: I first apply the protein pack to wet hair & let sit for 15 – 20 minutes, rinse, then apply the deep conditioner. I like to let my deep conditioner really get in there so I usually let it sit on for at least a night…or two when I’m being lazy! Here is my what my hair looked like after the protein treatment:


I noticed an immediate difference in my hair after the protein treatment! My curl pattern was coming back to its usual pattern & my hair shaft was smooth…even after the rinse! Major kudos :) I didn’t take a pic of my hair after the deep conditioner rinse for two reasons: 1. I left it in for almost 2 days & 2. Who really needs to see that? LOL!!!

I also have been using the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Split Ends Nourishing series including the mask. I’m in L-O-V-E with this collection:

Carol's Daughter Monoi RepairThe mask I use is missing from this photo but I actually layer the mask with the deep conditioner which leaves my hair feeling great! This set I take with me to the salon & for the last couple of months it has really done well with my hair. This may possibly become one of my staple products.

How many of you have color treated hair? What products do you use to mane-tame your tresses?

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4 responses to “How I Care For My Color Treated Natural Hair

  1. How long after a color like yours, do you recommend adding a protective style, such as Afro twist or micro braids?

    • Hi MzShirlAnn! In my personal opinion I would ensure that I deep condition before I put in the corrective style but I’m not sure if you need to wait a certain timeframe. Hope this helps!

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