Relaxer Dangers: Is This Why You Stopped Relaxing?

Google the term ‘relaxer dangers’ on Google Images and you will find an image of Isabella Broekhuizen’s severe scalp mutilation.

The former model’s relaxer mishap lead to a mutilated scalp and permanent hair-lossKickin’ It With The Kinks has actually interviewed Isabella Broekhuizen about what happened on that very day.

Isabella’s situation really makes anyone’s hair and scalp issues appear quite minuscule; it really makes me appreciative of what I have. I completely sympathise with her and not just because of the aesthetic reasons (the hair loss and the scars) but also because of the physical pain it has caused and is still causing her today. I also feel for the fact that her modelling career ended while she was at her peak.

To make matters even worse, it’s been said that the relaxer product used on Isabella was expired. Isabella went on to fight L’Oreal (the parent company of SoftSheen Carson) in court but subsequently lost the lawsuit. Isabella’s situation should serve as a reminder that we should be very cautious of everything we use and that we should scrutinise any product or service we want to utilise to improve our physical appearance.

I’ve seen Isabella’s story used as a reason for reasons not to relax your hair and I am glad it is. You never know what improper use or long-term effects of using a particular product/service can have. It goes without saying though that everyone is entitled to do whatever they want with their hair and that many people relax successfully with almost no issues whatsoever. I’ve been very fortunate to never have had a ‘relaxer gone wrong’. However, I will never relax again because of the possible dangers of a relaxer, plus I really love my natural hair!
What are your reasons for going natural? Is it linked to a ‘relaxer gone wrong’ situation?  Share your experiences!
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3 responses to “Relaxer Dangers: Is This Why You Stopped Relaxing?

  1. I’ve read older articles based on interviews with her where she’s quoted saying this was the result of an at-home relaxer experience but she’s saying it happened at a salon, and I guess that’s what’s in her book? So what’s the real story?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! I’ve noticed the same thing. Perhaps the book does have a different version of events for whatever reason. Nonetheless, when I get my hands on it I’ll write a review!

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