7 Mistakes Women Make In Dating

Everyone has made mistakes while dating; it’s just a fact of life. Here we will discuss some of the more common dating mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Assumption

One of the most crippling actions performed by women in the dating world is assumption based thinking. “He’s in the gym all the time, he’s full of himself,” or “he still lives at home, he must be a loser!” For all you know, he could have a PhD in Mathematics and lives at home to take care of a parent with a disease. Never assume things about people and you will be pleasantly surprised. Similarly, it may help you connect with people whom you would have disregarded in the past at face value. Never judge a book by its front cover!

2. Lack of Clarity

Don’t approach dates and interactions without clarity in your actions. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, make that clear. Lack of clarity confuses individuals and makes what could be a good relationship fizzle out. Lack of clarity can lead to broken relationships, hurt feelings, and a lack luster love life. The same goes if you’re just looking for a hook-up; be honest and allow the other partner to make an informed choice.

3. Mentioning Ex’s

This is the biggest no-no in the dating world. As soon as you mention your ex, consider the date over. Similarly, talking to your ex while in a new relationship should absolutely not happen in any circumstance. Putting your ex back in your life in any capacity means you’re not over them entirely. If you value your new relationship, get rid of the old one!

4. No Goals

Goals are something that every person should have and strive towards every day. If you’re a person that has no goals in your life, your partner will notice this. The most attractive quality in a person is their ambition and their ability to handle challenges in life. If you can successfully conquer a goal you set for yourself, having a healthy relationship will come easy!

5. Texting

If you’re on a date put the phone down! Texting during an intimate moment is one of the biggest problems in relationships today. It not only shows that you’re uninterested; it shows that you don’t have respect for the person you’re with. Put the Instagram feed down and talk to the person you’re with.

6. No Hobbies

Hobbies are something that set you apart from the other women on the dating market. Having a good hobby that you regularly perform will make you stand out from the crowd with ease. And no, shopping, listening to music and laughing are not ‘hobbies’ in the true sense. Go hiking, spend time volunteering, learn to write, or even learn to ski; these are all great hobbies to have and will introduce you to interesting people.

7. Disrespectful in Public

How you treat public figures (cashiers, greeters, waitresses, etc.) is a direct correlation to how you treat people in your personal life. If you want to become an attractive person, become kind and caring towards people you

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