Last night I pulled uncorked a bottle of pink wine with a pop, sat on my suede couch, turned on Netflix and occasionally glanced at my cell phone waiting for another Prince Charming that never called. Is this your life? It can be defeating and definitely exhausting to put so much time and energy into a connection that doesn’t spark. We are here to help.

Who We Are

Unlike other dating websites, this website is run by women just like you, determined to empower other women in the dating game.

What We Do

People aren’t connecting the same way they used to thanks to advances in technology. The majority of couples aren’t even using computers. It seems everyone has taken to the mobile space, using cell phones and flirty apps to reach out to each other. And it seems like men have the advantage, able to scrutinize a profile picture for all of ten seconds and swipe it away as if that woman never mattered. Are you tired of scrolling through pages of half-written bios and blurry pictures of men in sunglasses and hats knowing that they, too, are scrolling past you?

We will give you the tools to take the reins of Mr. Prince Charming’s white horse and get his attention once and for all with tips to improve your online dating profile and help you identify other people who may be a great match for you. We will help you in successfully getting and maintaining his attention as well as other dating hacks, tips, and tricks you may not have heard of. We will help you through that awkward first text conversation and teach you how to maintain your cool in the digital space.

But more importantly, we are here to help you find that meaningful connection with a partner who shares your interests and will treat you with kindness and respect. We may not find it on the first try, but we can make sure that you have a lot of fun along the way and that you are meeting guys that are worthy of your attention. Single or not, we want you to know that you are not alone. Online dating can be intimidating and a little bit scary. But we are here to be your wingman, your best friend, and your guide through the tangled World Wide Web and into your true love’s arms.