Dating Advice: Don’t Be Yourself — It’s A Trap!

Women or men, it really doesn’t matter; dating is all about mystery and intrigue. If you come right out on the first date with the full verbal record of yourself hoping for his approval and immediate opt-in, you’re setting yourself up for a pretty serious let-down. Of course single women want to be honest about themselves and present their own true values to their prospective mates. This is just simple biological, evolutionary, historical fact — a fact that will ultimately trick you into being miserable, if you’re not careful.

The man asking you on a date, or choosing to spend time with you may already be showing signs that he is open to, or considering a new type of monogamous life. That monogamous life could possibly include you. Before putting the controversial and divisive aspects of yourself out there to be discussed and processed, consider appealing to the kinder and more curious side of yourself. This will let you be more genuinely interested about the man and what sort of relationship he is looking for. Listening and finding common ground will help you decide if there even is a possible future between you and this person. If you were to present yourself completely up front, without getting to know the man first, you may never even find out who he is.

Too many men, especially in modern society, are not interested in being dominating or strong. They’re not interesting in providing or being of much value to their female. Don’t be a woman who lets herself become attached to a “Yes-man.” A yes-man is a man who will only seek more from his woman than he is willing, or able to give. He is a man who wouldn’t empower himself even if he were single. By allowing yourself to choose men based on whether they are agreeing with everything you say and do, you will ultimately get the man that cannot possibly make you into his Queen.

What kind of Queen wants to rule over a small, broken-down kingdom? Be more open, more curious and instead of promoting what kind of kingdom you think you want to rule over, listen to the man explain what kingdom he has or is building and determine if that is the one you want to help grow and help lead. If your date isn’t a man you want to share the thrown of power with, there’s no point in trying to school him on who you are. Just pick up stakes and find a new man and a new potential King to interview.

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