Dos And Dont’s Of Dating

While technology continues to advance at lightning speeds, one thing that is still fundamentally the same is dating. These advancements in technology do however make it easier for many young women to make dating mistakes more rapidly, potentially losing out on a great guy in the process. Before you try to connect with that hot guy at work or the stud dancing at the clubs, consider some of these dating dos and don’ts first.

DO – Be Yourself

Regardless what you think this guy is currently into, always be yourself from the first time you lay eyes on him. If you try to pretend you are someone else, you have to keep up that lie for the long haul. If you pretended to love heavy metal because this guy is a metal head, you better be prepared down the road to listen to that music on his Smartphone and possibly go to several concerts. Be honest up front and you build a more stable foundation in which you won’t have to lie about if the relationship takes off.

DON’T – Appear Too Easy

If you think that by being easy and doing whatever it takes to win this guy over is a good way to start a relationship with him, you are in for serious pain in the long run. Of course he will give you that immediate attention if you are falling all over him, but once that initial excitement wears off, the thrill of the chase is over and you are not even considered a challenge for him. Actually, he will start to look at you as just another of many easy girls who are not dating material.

DO – Play the Waiting Game

When you meet a guy that you are interested in, take time to get to know each other. Avoid rushing right to bed, especially if he is pushing for that. If this guy is dating material, he will want to spend as much time learning all about you, your friends, your family, your dreams, and your career. There is plenty of time to be intimate, now is the time to see what makes him tick, and if the two of you have common interests and real feelings for each other.

DON’T – Push the Texting Envelope

Dating has changed significantly in the past decade, allowing couples to share texts, images, and videos instantly with their mobile devices. Once you find a guy that you feel could potentially be the right guy, do not make the mistake of going overboard with your texting. Just because he didn’t call you as soon as he got home from your date, do not send him 100 messages asking where he was and if he had a fun time. Early on, never sent dirty text messages or naked pictures of yourself, regardless how hot the two of you are for each other.

You cannot take those messages, videos, and pictures back, and he might start wondering what other guys you are doing this with, especially if you are so easy to do it early on.

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