Five Dating Tips That All Men Should Follow

When it comes to dating some guys could really use some womanly advice. Today you are going to get just that. If you are a guy who has been having trouble on the dating scene then you are going to want to pay attention to what I am about to say. Below are some really great tips that comes from a woman who knows a thing or two about dating.

Five Dating Tips That All Men Should Follow

1. Be decisive- Men who can’t make their mind up about simple things are a real turn off. While we don’t want to be dominated, we do like for a gentleman to make some of the decisions. When you first start dating a woman don’t always leave it up to her to decide on which restaurant to go to. This will show that you are capable of making decisions and women really love this. Find out what kind of food she likes in advance and plan accordingly.

3. Don’t expect sex- Even after the third date don’t expect sex; many women today are very conservative. While you are both adults and there is nothing wrong with having sex, some women simply want to wait for a few months of dating or even until marriage.

4. Pick up the check- While some women will offer to pay her part of the check or even the entire bill, don’t let her. This will send a signal to your date that you are financially sound. No woman wants to go out on a date with a man that can’t afford to take care of himself. If the woman made the first move and asked you out, that’s a different discussion.

5. Open doors and pull out chairs- We all have seen those old movies where every man is a gentleman and opens the door for ladies. Unfortunately many men seem to think that’s only in the movies. The truth is, most women really enjoy this simple act of kindness. So make sure to always open the door for your date and when you get to the dinner table pull out the chair for her. Do this for all women, all the time and you may find yourself getting looked at twice as much!

Dating is not as hard as it seems; be courteous, kind, and open to new people. And always remember that a date does not equal a long-term relationship.

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