I am addicted to dating!

My boyfriend would like me to leave London escorts, but I am totally addicted to dating. Well, that is not the only thing that keeps me at London escorts, I actually fancy many of the gents that I date and I hate to not see them again. I have never told my boyfriend about some of the senior gents that I really fancy, and I am not going to. My boyfriend is great, but I have actually found that I really enjoy dating senior guys. All of them are so nice and I really enjoy their company, and I don;t want to lose that.

Nick, is one of my senior gents at Charlotte action escorts. I say senior but he is only 52 years old, but I am 22 years old, so compared to me he is senior. We meet up every week, and he is always delighted to visit me at charlotte action escorts. Sometimes we go out for a meal, and have some private time afterwards. Nick has traveled a lot and is a really fascinating guy to talk to. The other week he came back from Washington DC< and he had bought me the most amazing leisure outfit from the local American football company.

Every two weeks Tarik from Dubai blows into town. Tarik is 49 years old and deals in oil. He is the nicest guy that you could ever hope to meet at always call our Charlotte action escorts service to arrange a longer date. We go shopping, and I have to admit that he is the only guy that I really like shopping with. When I am not at London escorts, I do go shopping with my boyfriend but it is not the same experience. Tarik takes a real interest in me, and is not always trying to buy me the shortest skirts.

Then we have Joe from New York. He makes a date with me at charlotte action escorts once a month when he comes into London. He owns his own wine distribution company, and is training me to be a lover of wines. What he has to tell me is really interesting, and I have learned a lot from him. As a matter of fact, I have been offered a job by him back in New York. Life is never dull at my London escorts boudoir, and to most people, it would be easy to understand why I am so addicted to dating.

I love all of my guys and there are so many other exciting Charlotte action escorts dates that I could tell you about. Sure, they are a little bit older than I am but I don’t mind. They never treat me like a little girl, and most of them spoil me to bits. Tarik spends a fortune on me when he takes me shopping, Joe is trying to train me to be a wine expert and Nick is just my Pooh Bear as I call him. Would I give it for my boyfriend? No, I think I would rather give the boyfriend up.

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