Internet Dating For The Young

An open search for ‘young’ and ‘dating online’ will reveal many cougar and sugar daddy sites. However, most young adults would like to meet other young adults. This is especially true for young women. Additionally, some sites that younger women like are not exclusively designed for particular ages, but allow these people to search profiles and makes some measured determinations before any interaction ensues. This expands their choices and offers them opportunities to make friends as well as find a date. Building communities and networking is important at this age even when people are not compatible. Because of this, half of all single people find dates on online dating sites.

OK Cupid is probably the most popular of all dating sites for younger women. It has features that every young adult relishes. This means that it is free, and it is not defined by particular groups. Young adults also enjoy the dynamism of the site. It features questions and other tests that are initiated by other users. The prospective dater is given a set amount of these questions to answers. Their answers determine their compatibility ratings. These ratings help users determine the best choices for possible further interaction. is a premium service that is offered by However, this site is designed for people that know that they are looking for long term relationships. This is a small, but growing subset of this age group, and is especially true for young women that are transitioning from young adulthood. The group that prefers this site would like to know their choices better before moving into dating. This characteristic also makes it great for novice daters that are acclimating to dating.

Alikewise is newer site that is based on finding compatible matches based on shared interests. This is a natural way for young adults to meet. In the crowded online dating site space, this is truly a site for young adults. Prospective daters register and create a detailed profile based on strong interests. Users interact with others through messaging those with shared interests. This site is brilliant in its simplicity and relevance to its intended group of users.

Zoosk functions on a social media platform rather than the typical dating platforms. It too is based on the shared interest’s style of choosing appropriate date material. Users register and then sign in. They then create profiles that are relevant to their real interests. It differs in that it allows for updates and additional information. It is the quintessential social media style site because it is very personality driven. However, it is very popular with young women especially.

The eHarmony brand is very popular because of its strong advertisement initiatives. However, it is not advertised as a young adult site, though this fact does not quell this age group’s enthusiasm for the site. This company pioneered the personality profile model that is so popular with young women especially. Because of this, they remain loyal to the platform. It is billed as the site that eliminates the stress that is associated with finding a compatible date.

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