Men: How To Attract The Right One

Guys are notoriously fickle creatures. One minute they are scoping you out (or at least you thought they were scoping you out) and the next minute they are walking away without asking for your number. What gives? Did you do something to scare him off? It’s enough to make a woman decide not to even try anymore. But wait- there are a few things you can do to up your chances for a love connection.

First, don’t come off as desperate. If you are sitting on a bar stool, staring down a good-looking guy, wiggling your eyebrows and winking constantly, don’t be stunned when he goes to sit somewhere else. You have just scared the poor guy to death. He’s thinking you just had some sort of facial seizure. Likewise- do not send him a drink and your room key at the same time. Pushy, pushy! Instead, play it cool. Make eye contact. Maybe a slight tipping of your glass or a small smile and a nod in his direction- but that’s it. It’s a tricky line but you don’t want to cross over from flirty to clingy.

If the guy approaches you, don’t panic. This is what you wanted- remember? Smile, chat a bit, and if you feel comfortable you can give him your number. Do not wait all day the next day for him to call. Put it out of your mind. If he’s truly interested, he will call.

Preparation before you go out is crucial to the whole process of getting a man’s attention. Consider this: If you are drop-dead gorgeous, men may be skittish about approaching you, fearful that you will shoot them down. On the other hand, if you put no effort into your ‘faded-t-shirt-and-flip-flop-look’ the guys will think you don’t care about yourself. Too much make-up, too much skin showing- all of these things can turn off a man or give him the wrong impression of you.

Most important of all- be approachable. Relax. Laugh with your friends. Look friendly. Guys will feel at ease to approach you if you feel at ease with yourself. If you feel nervous, anxious or uncomfortable- so will they. With a little pep-talk and some practice, you will become confident in these situations.

Getting the attention you want is easy when you know how to do it. Try these tips today for successful relationship starters. You can do it!

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