Only Natural Girls Turn Me On

I am so glad that we are seeing more foreign girls at charlotte action escorts. Yes, foreign charlotte action escorts are more adventurous but it is not only that which attracts me to foreign escorts in London. I personally find foreign escorts in London more natural. Unlike so many other gents who date escorts in London, I do like to hook up with girls who have hairy legs and armpits. I really do find that a complete turn, and you can say that it really gets me going seeing a hairy London. Are we too far away from our natural selves?

I think that we are, and we have just become totally obsessed with personal grooming and being perfectly clean all of the time. We have never bathed, showered and shaved as much as we do today. Most London escorts I have met in recent years have allowed body lotions and heavily scented perfumes take over their lives. The problem is that many of them mask natural scents, and for some like me who gets turned on by natural scents, that is very regrettable. Foreign charlotte action escorts are less worried about piling on the body lotion. To some extent London escorts have always been into surgical enhancements. As plastic surgery has come down in price, it would only be fair to say that most London escorts have started to explore the field of plastic and enhancement surgery more and more. Sure, some girls do look very pretty, but I would fair rather that they made more out of their own personal natural look.

As it is, many London escorts are just beginning to look like copy cat versions of each other. It is okay, but it gets boring after a while. When I travel abroad, I often take the opportunity to date escorts. It is nice to compare their dating styles to London escorts. Are the girls who I meet abroad more natural than London escorts? I would say that many of them are, and when you start to date escorts abroad, you will find that most of the girls are very much natural than the girls you can meet in London. Not only do they seem to have less enhancements, but at the same time, they are more natural when it comes to body hair. One thing that I like is that they don’t go over the top with body lotions and perfumes.

I think that more and more men are beginning to feel the same way as I do. When you look at some of the images of London escorts, you will notice girls are beginning to look more natural, and at the same time, they have cut back on things like make up. Going back to basics seem to be the theme of the day, and I love it. I know that I am not the only gent in London to appreciate a natural girl, and I do think that a lot of gentlemen are getting a bit fed up with the artificial Barbie dolls which can still be found on the London escorts scene.

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