The Connection Between Sex and Chocolate

Chocolate has been considered for a long time to be an ideal romantic gift and it also induces an amorous feeling. Research shows that it not only has health benefits but is also able to stimulate sexual desires in men and women. Most of us know that chocolate is for lovers but this is not because women get excited to open a red heart shaped box. Dark chocolate contains a substance which affects energy, mood and sexual function.

Chocolate increases blood flow to the “private parts”; it contains an amino acid known as L-arginine which is an effective natural sex enhancer for both men and women. It does so by increasing flow of blood to these organs and increasing nitric oxide which in turn elevates desire, satisfaction and sensation.

Chocolate also elevates mood; chocolate is known to be the best for the libido due to the fact that it is rich source of PEA, also referred to as the romance chemical or love supplement. As a mood elevator and stimulant, PEA is able to induce feelings of euphoria; the same chemical is released by the brain when you are in love. This chemical promotes the production of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that enhances feelings of pleasure, well being and joy.

Chocolate also acts as an energy booster since it contains theobromine. This substance acts on the central nervous system, making one to feel excited and stimulated.
If you are going to eat chocolates on a regular basis, you should opt for dark chocolate containing at least 70 percent cacao. Dark chocolate is where the heart healthy chemicals are located. Watch out for those that have added things such as marshmallow, caramel, nuts and other fattening ingredients. The extra fat is going to lead to bad health and have anti aphrodisiac effects.

Before you grab a bar of chocolate, you should know that not all chocolates are created equally. When cocoa is processed into the products, it undergoes several stages in order to reduce the strong flavor of pure cocoa. The more processed it is, the more flavanols are lost. The lighter the chocolate, the less health benefits it contains. Lighter chocolate usually contains more processed sugar than dark chocolate as well.

With all the above benefits that you are sure to gain from chocolate, you should try to incorporate it in your love life. There’s nothing more fun than a night of champagne, strawberries and dark chocolate!

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