Topics To Avoid On A First Date

Nothing is worse than going on a first date and having nothing in common to talk about. There are some tried and true conversation topics that you can try out when you head out on your next date but be aware that there are some topics that guys just simply do not want to talk about when they are out with you for the first time. Whether these topics make guys uncomfortable or it just isn’t time to talk about the future, steer clear of these topics next time you head out for a night on the town:

Your Past Relationships

The last thing a guy wants to hear about on a first date is your last serious relationship. It can be tempting to dig a bit to find out when a person’s last date was or how many relationships they have been in, but wait a few weeks or months before bringing up this topic. You don’t want to spend the date complaining about what you didn’t like about your ex. This is a fresh start, so treat it like one.

Don’t Hint That You’re High Maintenance

You might like nice things but your date is not going to appreciate if you talk about all of the finer things in life that you expect from your significant other. You might like fancy restaurants, designer clothes and expensive cars, but don’t expect someone else to provide these things for you. It’s a huge turn off for a guy.

Don’t Man Hate

You might be really into women’s rights and all but don’t come across as too overwhelming when you head out on your first date. Men and women should be equal on their dates but keep the man bashing to yourself. You might be out with a really nice guy who has every intention of treating you right.

Don’t Offload Complaints

You may have had a bad day or a bad week but you’re on a first date and now is the time to unwind, relax and enjoy some company. If you use this as an opportunity to complain about everything that didn’t go your way recently you might come across as being whiny or ungrateful. Put your best foot forward and come across as pleasant and nice.

It is always a good idea to keep conversation light and basic on a first date. Simply take this time to get to know your date and let them in on a little about you. Overall, save the more serious topics for later on when a relationship has formed.

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