What not to do on the first date

First dates can be a real nightmare, and can be made worse by you saying or doing the wrong thing. I have been on many first dates, and so have my London escorts friends. Some of them have been great, others have been really disappointing. However. it is nice to be able to look back and laugh at some of them, and I am glad I have been able to keep my sense of humour about some of my first dates. But, like my London escorts friends so rightly pointed out, there are some things that you just shouldn’t do on a first date.

What not to on the first date

Should you kiss a girl on a first date? That is absolutely fine in my opinion, and my London escorts friends agree with me as well. But there are many other things that you should not do, and we are going to talk about some of them in this article. You see, my London escorts friends and myself have enjoyed a little chat about first dates and there are some real no-no’s.

First of all, London escorts and I agree that you should not try to get a girl drunk on a first date. By all means by her a pre-dinner drink but don’t by any means try to make her drink too much. Share a bottle of wine, and make sure that you are still able to enjoy a nice chat. This is probably what your date will remember the most. On top of that, my London escorts would like to point out that it could be nice to buy a decent bottle of wine. The house wine might be fine, but it could also be full of sulphites which give your date a headache. A better quality wine is less likely to contain sulphites. If your date is thirsty buy her a nice bottle of mineral water instead.

Don’t be a scrooge on your first date. If you are really interested in your lady, you should take her somewhere nice, unless you are just planning a coffee and cake date. Even so, I think, and my London escorts friends agree with me, that it is important to go somewhere where you can talk. Starbucks may not be right at all for you first date.

I also think that my London escorts friends are right about going to a nice restaurant. If you can’t afford to take her anywhere nice, arrange a different kind of date such as the London Zoo or a trip on one of the many river cruises in London. There are so many fun things that you can do.

Also don’t take her to a strip club or a lap dancing club. My London escorts friends say that this will seriously turn a woman off, and you are not very likely to see her again. I know that you are not likely to do that, but just in case you get some funny ideas, I thought it best to point it out. Above all remember to be a gent, and like my London escorts friends say, treat her like a lady.

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