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Where to Find Natural London escorts?

Finding natural girls these days is not always easy. The Better Sex Guide receives a lot of emails from gents who are looking for natural London escorts. This is not very easy these days as so many London escorts have had plastic surgery or enhancements. Plastic surgery and enhancement within the industry still remains very popular, and a lot of ladies seem to be having breast enlargements. It is, however, very important for ladies to recognise that a lot of gents don’t like enhancement surgery and prefer a more natural looking lady. Sometimes it is only to obvious that a girl has a had her lips done or a boob implant,

Where to find natural London escorts?

So, whereabouts in London can you find natural looking London escorts? As you all know, greater

London now covers a huge area. I have a lot of friends who work in areas such as Kensington and Mayfair, and I am afraid that a lot of my friends have gone under the knife. But, that doesn’t mean that all of the girls in these areas have had enhancement surgery. The best way forward would be to contact the agency that you normally deal with and ask them which of their escorts have not had enhancement surgery. Best Areas To Date In

If you are looking for natural escorts in London, it might be a good idea to look at none elite agencies. You will normally find that a lot of ladies who work for elite London escorts agencies are very enhanced, and you would be better of focusing on areas such as East London, Canary Wharf and perhaps even Chiswick. These areas are still close to central London but you will find that a lot of the ladies who date here are more natural. A lot of these ladies are younger as well.

Other Areas

It is also worthwhile checking out London escorts services in areas such as Ilford and Romford.

Although dating life is busy here, there is often less pressure for ladies to have surgery of any kind. You are much more like to find true natural London escorts in these areas when compared to others. A lot of the ladies who date in these areas are also from places like Poland and Ukraine, so they tend to be more naturally beautiful and sexy anyway. The other advantage is that these ladies rates are lower, so you will be able to enjoy longer dates.

Enhancement and plastic surgery has become a big problem in the London escorts business. Gents are indeed complaining, and it seems a shame that there is a lot of pressure on girls to make themselves look even sexier. The truth is that many of these London escorts are beautiful already and do not need enhancement work.

Yes, a pair of large boobs might look great but there is nothing as stunning as a natural looking lady, and a bust that moves more naturally according to most gents. Perhaps London escorts should think twice before having any enhancement work done.

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